Book Club Tuesday: Sheet Pan Everything

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It is very funny to be back here, again. This time last year, the world was drifting through the first wave of the COVID pandemic. While people flocked to their kitchens to develop their skills and repertoire of recipes, I think, and I’ll speak for many when I say this: in our kitchens we found comfort and solace in both the familiar dishes that were well-loved in the “before times” as well as the prospect of learning new recipes that might carry us through. As the lockdowns relaxed, people carried on and, while it still seemed the same, everything had changed. Fast forward through a year and Nova Scotia has entered its third wave, and I’m trying to find more recipes to feed my family. Ones that we can enjoy together, ones that might carry us through.

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Book Club Tuesday: Pastry Love

When I was a kid, I came to realize that there were two types of baking. All year long I would look forward to the plane ride east to visit my maternal grandmother and her family. Auntie Grace’s pies were one reason for my high-level of anticipation. She would always bake our favourites: raspberry for me and lemon meringue for my sister. Thinking back on it, I doubt if she ever used a recipe. Like many of my elderly relatives, baking was a tradition passed along from parent to child. My mom baked us cookies and made cereal squares but never pie and nothing too elaborate (except for the whipped cream and chocolate drizzle delight she made for my sister’s birthday).

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The Eatworthy Books of 2019

The books that made my life so delicious in 2019!

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