The Eatworthy 2017 Gift Guide

Happy Friday everyone! Can anyone else believe it’s December already?! I feel like this whole year has gone by in the blink of an eye (maybe it seems this way to me because I have a young child and everyone says time passes by faster when you do). This has been one busy yearof reviews here at Shipshape Eatworthy and I would like to say “Thanks” to everyone who has stopped by to read a review and, also, to all of those great people making cookbooks!

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So many excellent books in 2017 and here are a few I think would make excellent gifts (as with everything on this site, there are no affiliated links — meaning I don’t make any money from linking to pages. I’m just being helpful.) Since I’m only choosing from my pool of reviewed books, I’ll be linking back to those reviews and providing a small soundbite from each review. At the end I’m also giving some other awesome cooking-related gift suggestions just in case a cookbook won’t work. I had a tough time whittling my list down so I’ve got a solid group of 15 that I feel could suit many different types of home cooks.


Smitten Kitchen Every Day – Deb Perelman — This review is coming next week but (spoiler alert!!) I can already tell you it’s really great!

Love Real Food— Kathryne Taylor

“There are many things to love and appreciate about this cookbook but what I really valued is that she used practical ingredients for recipes that anyone could enjoy. I found that these recipes really fit into my daily cooking routines and all of the recipes were totally enjoyed by my husband and daughter, who are at times my toughest food critics.”

Whole Bowls — Allison Day

“Flexibility is important because who hasn’t come home at the end of a long work day only to discover seemingly unrelated ingredients in the fridge? Her formula and recipes teach flexibility so that instead of grabbing anything within reach, you can use her strategies to create food that nourishes and makes you feel taken care of.”

One Part Plant Cookbook — Jessica Murnane

“Jessica has built a supportive community of people who are just trying to feel better about their health and well-being. It’s one of the things I really admire about her approach.”

The First Mess Cookbook — Laura Wright

“Part of her success relies on her incredible palate. How else can you explain how she can capture the true flavour and texture of any given dish? Her plant based alternatives offer satisfying, simple alternatives that are just plain mouthwatering.”

Green Kitchen At Home — David Frenkiel & Luise Vindahl

“Their ability to transform humble ingredients into truly colourful and nourishing meals borders almost on art (and if you’ve seen any of their GKS videos you know the types of beautiful imagery they’re capable of).”

The Simple Bites Kitchen — Aimée Wimbush-Bourque

“Am I being dramatic or sensational by telling you that you could open to any page in this cookbook and find an absolute gem of a recipe? I don’t think so.”

The Savvy Cook — Izy Hossack

“From breakfast and snacks, to light meals and then bigger meals (let’s not forget those “Cheeky Treats”) I’ve gotten so much enjoyment cooking from this book and I know that my family enjoys all the tasty meals I’ve made. 1200 words seems like a small amount to describe how good this cookbook really is.”

The New Nourishing — Leah Vanderveldt

“What is really nourishing — to both mind and body — are foods that create taste through fresh ingredients, seasoning, and texture.”

Completely Revised 10th Anniversary Edition: How to Cook Everything Vegetarian — Mark Bittman

“That first edition came into my life as a young, newlywed looking to become better at cooking vegetarian dishes and now this newest edition has come to me as a new mom introducing plant-based cuisine to my new little eater. How to Cook Everything Vegetarian is one of those classics that I don’t think will ever go out of style but has definitely benefited from a good revision.”

New Feast — Greg & Lucy Malouf

“New Feast proves to be an indispensable guide to exploring the Malouf’s modern and inventive take on Middle Eastern vegetarian cooking. The best part about this cookbook is that it’s designed to showcase beautiful plant-based Middle Eastern dishes — it’s really about using fresh vegetables in a way that maximizes their flavour”

The Book of Greens — Jenn Louis

Book of Greens has been the perfect addition to my cookbook library because I don’t have another book like it — Louis’ has taken the time to explore a little explored subject (imho) and offered something truly original.”

Yum Universe: Pantry to Plate — Heather Crosby

“here are the three words from Pantry to Plant that will open a whole new world for you: You do you. Simple. So simple. You take whatever way you feel most comfortable cooking and eating and you use this playbook and adapt the templates to suit you (as you will notice I use regular wraps and pasta — do what works for you). You make the rules!”

School Year Survival Guide — Laura Keogh and Ceri Marsh

“I really feel like The School Year Survival Cookbook helps to take the mealtime struggles away by providing busy families with a way to be prepared to eat healthy, home-cooked meals. Let Laura and Ceri inspire you with their delicious recipes and helpful strategies.”

The Greenhouse Cookbook — Emma Knight

“Plant-based eating can look and taste like a lot of different things. Sometimes it’s minimal or “healthy” in a flat and self-deprived way (not the case with this book) and sometimes there’s a beautiful complexity to the look and taste of a plant-based dish (totally the case with this book).”


Here’s one that I’ve gotten for myself and have already gifted to people. A little Nova Scotia love for The Kitchen Party Cookbook: Recipes for Potlucks, Shindigs, and Good Times in the Maritimes  by Jenny Osburn. Her recipes for Cranberry Salsa and Roasted Corn, Black Bean, & Fruit Quesadillas are really amazing! While you’re checking Jenny out, head on over to Laura MacDonald at Deep Hollow Prints — she designed Jenny’s book but she also has some really incredible prints (see the one in the photo below) and cards too.


Magazines are a true simple pleasure for me! They make perfect hostess gifts, stocking stuffers, or the perfect companion on those long holiday trips! My favourites (not particular order):

-The Maritime  Edit


-Cherry Bombe

-Chickpea (read my review of this magazine here)

-Sweet Paul

-Bake from Scratch



Paul Lowe gets a double mention in this post because not only does he publish a gorgeous magazine (Sweet Paul) but he has some of the most beautiful pottery around. Here’s a little dish I ordered from him in the spring — I think it’s meant for salt but I use it as a ring dish near my sink (anyone else hate cooking with rings on??) His colours are natural-looking (just love the denim colour of this dish) and his wares are functional, yet very artistic.

One of the best gifts I’ve given was one of these darling needle-felted ornaments by Erika Carlsen (more Nova Scotia love!). Each year my daughter gets a new ornament for the tree and I love that this year’s selection was beautifully handmade by a talented artist in my community! She does sell on Etsy so go and check her out!

One of the best gifts I ever received was this pie plate by  Kacie Pye (etsy store here) I love how she’s customized each pan with a hidden quote:

8 thoughts on “The Eatworthy 2017 Gift Guide

  1. I always enjoy reading your detailed reviews of cookbooks and when I see you have published a new one, I brew myself some herbal tea and settle down to read in in my cozy armchair. I love that you review books you have cooked extensively from and you’re not just reviewing the “packaging”.
    Can I ask which cookbook was your personal favorite this year? As in, if you could only keep one in your kitchen, which one would it be? I want to treat myself from Christmas but already have so many cookbooks that I only one to buy one single gem of a book.


    1. Dear Estelle: what an absolutely lovely comment! Made my heart swell at the fact you enjoy my reviews — thank you for this!

      Hmmm. What is my number one? It’s a bit like trying to choose a favourite child lol! So, my current favourite (which I’ve already gifted twice) is Aimee Wimbush-Bourque’s Simple Bites Kitchen. Although it’s not a dedicated vegetarian book the chapter on vegetarian mains along with other vegetarian recipes sprinkled through out really have made this book indispensable (I’ve made — even made multiple times already — way over 20 recipes. But there are other cookbooks that have made it over the 20 recipe mark too — Love Real Food, Green Kitchen at Home, The First Mess Cookbook, The Saavy Cook — all of these I find myself returning to). The book I’ve loved longest is How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. My husband’s favourites this year were Love Real Food & Whole Bowls. My mom, Dad, and sister loved The Savvy Cook and can’t stop talking about her recipe for ricotta gnocchi. The two that have had the best feedback from busy families have been the OPP Cookbook and The School Year Survival. So, while you’ve asked for one I’ve still managed to sneak in a few more lol. I hope that whichever you treat yourself to brings you much enjoyment! (Make sure you report back on what you decide on!)

      Enjoy the best of this holiday season, Kris


      1. Haha, this makes my choice so much harder ^^ Out of all the books you’ve mentioned, I already have The First Mess so at least I can take this one out of the equation. I think I’ll concentrate on books more appreciated by men since my partner is an omnivore and I’m keen on him appreciating our at home vegan meals. He likes most of what I cook but there are some dishes that are just too green or too vegan for him. So, from what you said my best bet would be Love Real Food, Whole Bowls or The Savvy Cook if I’m not mistaken?


      2. Yes! Any of those would be perfect for a veg-omnivore household 🙂 (Savvy Cook is great — my very omnivore Family — mom, Dad, and sis loved everything I made out of this book when I brought it on my last visit)


  2. Oh, so many books to choose from! For us, Green Kitchen at Home, The First Mess Cookbook, and How to Cook Everything Vegetarian are absolute gems! Don’t think I’ve gotten up to 20 recipes from each yet, but we’re headed there, especially with HTCEV. Great post as always, Kris!


    1. Thanks Diana! I really appreciate your support and I’m so happy that you’ve found a few favourites too! I sense that HTCEV will be a big one for you and I can’t wait to see what you try! Happy holidays darling friend!


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