Skillet Cookie Recipe …

skillet cookie

Hello & happy Monday! I know I told you that I’d be taking a break from writing over the holidays but this post will be short & most definitely sweet. Over the weekend while I should have been making cookies to send to my far flung friends, I decided it was time to use my new (well to me at least) mini Le Creuset skillet I found while out thrifting.

Initially I decided on making a vegan frittata or omelet but then an idea struck me: why not make a skillet cookie?? I’d never made one before, however the rustic charm and ease in which these cookies are made was so appealing! (Also, this seemed like an excellent way to enjoy a sweet treat without over-indulging too much).

So without further ado: the Mini Vegan Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie! In case you’re wondering why I haven’t posted the recipe here it’s simply because Food 52 is a way nicer platform to showcase a recipe. Much easier to print. A nifty recipe template I plugged all of the info into and since I really don’t develop too many recipes this seemed like a better idea. (You’ll get a lovely surprise if you click on the link — not only will you find the cookie recipe but you’ll get a great recipe for hummus, as well as baked oatmeal. Nothing earth shattering but solid, fine recipes).

Have an excellent week!

** Due to unforeseen circumstances, blogs images prior to 2018 were deleted. Some images were recovered or replaced, some were not. Please accept my apologies if the text refers to an image that is no longer present.**

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