Book Club Tuesday: Food52 Big Little Recipes

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetBack in December 2021, I needed a refresh. While I enjoyed being in the kitchen and cooking for my family, there were times I felt burnt out and lacking inspiration. So, when I tuned in to watch a virtual event hosted by the Book Larder, it was the conversation between Hetty McKinnon and Emma Laperruque that had me intrigued. One of the first things Continue reading “Book Club Tuesday: Food52 Big Little Recipes”

Book Club Tuesday: Baking with Dorie


This is my fourteenth cookbook, and it arrives exactly thirty years after my first. A lot has changed over those decades, but not the joy I get from baking. That’s constant and unfailing. If you’re a baker, you know exactly how I feel. If you’re not, the sweetest thing I can wish you is that you become one. Bake something and share it. It might change your life. It changed mine. (3)

People who adore Dorie Greenspan have a favourite Dorie book. I came to my favourite Dorie book when my (then) baby daughter was becoming acquainted with food. The mealtimes Katie enjoyed the most were the ones when I made pancakes or waffles. This is where Dorie comes in: Dorie’s fourth book, Waffles: From Morning to Night, is full of flavourful and beautiful waffle recipes Continue reading “Book Club Tuesday: Baking with Dorie”

Book Club Tuesday: The New Way to Cake

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Recently, I was chatting over the phone to a friend about cakes. Not a baker or even one to indulge in baked treats, she had purchased an Instagram-worthy layer cake from a local bakery to celebrate a milestone. The cake, with its bright frosting piped to perfection, topped with beautiful macarons, left something to be desired in the flavour department. The cake was entirely for the ‘gram. She described the first few bites — the cake was flavourless save for the excruciating sweetness of the frosting. Thinking about what she said, cake should be worth the trouble to eat. It should be beautiful in all things — Continue reading “Book Club Tuesday: The New Way to Cake”

Book Club Tuesday: Poilâne

“Poilâne has always had a profound respect for tradition, and it is filled with remarkable talent and knowledge — and it is, above all, a deeply humane place.” (14) — Alice Waters

Cookbooks make our world smaller. How can I know the distance between my quiet home kitchen in Halifax and, the world-famous Poilâne bakery in Paris, France? As I open the cover of the cookbook of the same name, I can tell you that the distance is almost imperceptible. Looking at the gorgeous photography of bakery and its wares and, reading through the story of this (almost) hundred-year-old bakery written by the founder’s granddaughter, Apollonia Poilâne, I can almost smell the freshly baked sourdough. One day I’ll travel to Paris so I can enjoy one of their beautiful loaves baked fresh from their wood-fired oven. But, until then, I will content myself with enjoying the recipes from the Poilâne cookbook.

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Book Club Tuesday: Food 52, The Piglet, & Cookbook Criticism


Now that I have a few posts under my belt and I can see that they’re being read (btw thank you so much! I appreciate you taking the time to stop by!!) I think a lot about whether what I post will encourage/discourage people from buying a particular cookbook. With cookbooks (and books in general) rising in price every day I get a slight shutter (feeling like my subjectivity will cause a person to waste their money) when I wonder if people are happy with the cookbooks they’re purchasing? Maybe I  think about cookbooks and cooking waaaay too much. That being said, It’s one of my favourite times of year on the web — Food 52‘s The Piglet competition is beginning! While reading over the list of cookbooks chosen for the 2016 tournament, the way they choose cookbooks has me reflecting on how I choose my own cookbooks. It also has me reflecting on how much merit I give to online reviews, cookbook criticisms, and what role I play by writing my own reviews.

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Skillet Cookie Recipe …

skillet cookie

Hello & happy Monday! I know I told you that I’d be taking a break from writing over the holidays but this post will be short & most definitely sweet. Over the weekend while I should have been making cookies to send to my far flung friends, I decided it was time to use my new (well to me at least) mini Le Creuset skillet I found while out thrifting.

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