Book Club Tuesday: Bento Power

Bento originates from a culture where ritual and presentation plays an important part of daily life, and where a lot of focus and energy goes into producing, cooking, eating, and talking about food. A bento is a neatly packed portion of food you take with you to work or school, prepared at home or bought ready-made on your way to work. (9)

I can picture my first lunchbox now in all its glory: a canary yellow plastic lunchbox with a Cabbage Patch sticker on it and with a matching thermos inside. As a parent I can see the strategy in giving your child a cool lunchbox — it will make lunch Continue reading “Book Club Tuesday: Bento Power”

Book Club Friday Fun Edition: The Complete Vegan Cookbook

When I made the choice to become a vegetarian over a decade ago, I had to re-learn what I knew about vegetables. At that time, I came to fully realize that vegetables aren’t just for salads and that being a vegetarian means that it’s not just vegetables but also plants in general I needed to focus on. Since it was Continue reading “Book Club Friday Fun Edition: The Complete Vegan Cookbook”