Book Club Tuesday: To Asia, With Love

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It has been a decade since Hetty McKinnon started her salad delivery business in Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia. From the small kitchen in her home on Arthur Street, she would pack up her salad boxes and deliver them on her bike to the people who lived and worked in her neighbourhood. Through delivering nourishing meals to customers, she began to Continue reading “Book Club Tuesday: To Asia, With Love”

Book Club Tuesday: Community (Revised Edition w/ New Recipes + Stories)

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This book is dedicated to all the home cooks around Australia who turned my passion for salads into a global community. (Dedication in the new edition)

How I found out about Hetty McKinnon and her recipes was by word-of-mouth. Everyone knows that I am a cookbook enthusiast, which is great because people love to give recommendations on cookbooks I might enjoy. Word-of-mouth is good because Continue reading “Book Club Tuesday: Community (Revised Edition w/ New Recipes + Stories)”

The Eatworthy Books of 2019

The books that made my life so delicious in 2019!

What began with all the best of intentions has me looking at the calendar wondering where the time went and what the heck happened with my gift guide? (Not only this, I can hardly believe we’re rolling into a new decade and my blog is going into it’s fifth year). So, I can tell you what happened with the gift guide — too much choice! Continue reading “The Eatworthy Books of 2019”