Book Club Tuesday: Wild Bread

Over the past month I’ve realized something about myself: I’m impatient. I like tasks with a start, quick end, and obvious results. Maybe this is why I’ve never taken to making my own yogurt or kombucha. These tasks require the home cook to be invested in the long game — you won’t be seeing results until healthy, lively organisms are cultured. But if you would have asked me a month ago Continue reading “Book Club Tuesday: Wild Bread”

Book Club Tuesday: The Penlee Recipe Book

So if you’ve been following Shipshape Eatworthy, you know that Tuesday is my day! This week I’ll be reviewing a vegetarian cookbook that is 100 YEARS OLD! That’s right! Exactly what I said — The Penlee Recipe Book (or at least my particular edition) was published in 1916. The other exceptional thing to note is that I’ll be giving my impressions of this book without actually having tried any of the recipes — so no Instagram photos or link throughs to flashy websites — and you’ll come to hear how I came by this remarkable book in a pretty unremarkable way.

The first part of this story begins in Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) about 14 years ago. At the time I was still a grad student and my then boyfriend (now husband) was a vegetarian. Since vegetarianism was so new to me I was really keen to learn more (although not keen enough to change my diet — that still took another 8 years). Continue reading “Book Club Tuesday: The Penlee Recipe Book”