Book Club Tuesday: Cookbook Roundup

Lately I’ve been getting lots of questions from friends and family regarding cookbook suggestions. So I think this week I’ll spend a little time talking about how to optimize your time in the kitchen and which cookbooks you could try based on your level of culinary expertise or interest. I’ll only be referring to the cookbooks and magazines I’ve reviewed so far. TBH I’m running out of cookbooks to review — don’t get me wrong I have loads of cookbooks but none that I’ve cooked enough from where I feel comfortable giving an honest review. Continue reading “Book Club Tuesday: Cookbook Roundup”

Book Club Tuesday: Short Stack Editions

It’s Tuesday! You know what that means…but before I get into my review and food talk let’s talk a bit about my life before food. Full disclosure: I am a “whim” person. At least that’s what my husband calls it (I think it’s just a nice way of describing how I become obsessed with something for a short period of time). Is it my fault that when I get interested in something I go all in? I love having a hobby, I mean, who doesn’t love to have something to do? So over the years my “whims” have taken me through card stamping, knitting, quilting, vintage jewelry collecting, fashion, and if you believe my husband, cooking. But I’ll be honest here — I think the bus stops with cooking.

Continue reading “Book Club Tuesday: Short Stack Editions”