Book Club Tuesday: Don’t Worry, Just Cook

There is something so touching about Bonnie Stern’s work. Is it her earnest desire to help home cooks find their way in the kitchen or impart personal stories we can all relate to? With well over a dozen cookbooks to her name, Stern has become a trusted companion in many Canadian kitchens. Even during the pandemic, I would take Friday Night Dinners off the shelf to browse the recipes, remember all the good family meals I had enjoyed with hopeful feelings of more to come. And it’s from the Continue reading “Book Club Tuesday: Don’t Worry, Just Cook”

Book Club Tuesday: The New Way to Cake

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Recently, I was chatting over the phone to a friend about cakes. Not a baker or even one to indulge in baked treats, she had purchased an Instagram-worthy layer cake from a local bakery to celebrate a milestone. The cake, with its bright frosting piped to perfection, topped with beautiful macarons, left something to be desired in the flavour department. The cake was entirely for the ‘gram. She described the first few bites — the cake was flavourless save for the excruciating sweetness of the frosting. Thinking about what she said, cake should be worth the trouble to eat. It should be beautiful in all things — Continue reading “Book Club Tuesday: The New Way to Cake”

Book Club Tuesday: Community (Revised Edition w/ New Recipes + Stories)

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This book is dedicated to all the home cooks around Australia who turned my passion for salads into a global community. (Dedication in the new edition)

How I found out about Hetty McKinnon and her recipes was by word-of-mouth. Everyone knows that I am a cookbook enthusiast, which is great because people love to give recommendations on cookbooks I might enjoy. Word-of-mouth is good because Continue reading “Book Club Tuesday: Community (Revised Edition w/ New Recipes + Stories)”