Book Club Tuesday: Ottolenghi Flavor


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Looking at the cookbooks released this autumn, there is a definite trend towards flavour — there’s Ottolenghi Flavor by Ixta Belfrage and Yotom Ottolenghi, Nik Sharma’s Flavor Equation, Bob Blumer’s Flavorbomb, James Briscione and Brooke Parkhurst’s Flavor for All, and Dan Kluger’s Chasing Flavor just to name a few. I think this flavour odyssey is about making the most with what we have to cook with and being able to identify ways to enhance the flavour of a dish whether it’s through the use of particular techniques, ingredients or both. Continue reading “Book Club Tuesday: Ottolenghi Flavor”

Book Club Tuesday: Bento Power

Bento originates from a culture where ritual and presentation plays an important part of daily life, and where a lot of focus and energy goes into producing, cooking, eating, and talking about food. A bento is a neatly packed portion of food you take with you to work or school, prepared at home or bought ready-made on your way to work. (9)

I can picture my first lunchbox now in all its glory: a canary yellow plastic lunchbox with a Cabbage Patch sticker on it and with a matching thermos inside. As a parent I can see the strategy in giving your child a cool lunchbox — it will make lunch Continue reading “Book Club Tuesday: Bento Power”

Book Club Friday Fun Edition: The Complete Vegan Cookbook

When I made the choice to become a vegetarian over a decade ago, I had to re-learn what I knew about vegetables. At that time, I came to fully realize that vegetables aren’t just for salads and that being a vegetarian means that it’s not just vegetables but also plants in general I needed to focus on. Since it was Continue reading “Book Club Friday Fun Edition: The Complete Vegan Cookbook”