Book Club Tuesday: Old World Italian

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I have an incredibly soft spot for Mimi Thorisson because when I began to write in earnest about food over 7 years ago, I started out on Tumblr by trying recipes and writing short notes on the results. In one note, I wrote about baking canelés using Thorisson’s recipe and a carefully sourced canelé pan. I was so proud of myself! I baked outside my comfort zone and made something delicious. Thorisson’s blog, Manger, was a favourite because Continue reading “Book Club Tuesday: Old World Italian”

Book Club Friday Fun Edition: Let Me Feed You

My hope is that you’ll find recipes in this book as delicious and satisfying as they are straightforward and achievable. (3)

Cooking is a language that I speak fluently. Like Rosie Daykin, I use that language to say things to those around me. I want people to taste the effort, taste the love. And, part of being able to cook for someone isn’t about showing off the latest culinary technique or hard-to-find ingredient it’s all about making food that’s Continue reading “Book Club Friday Fun Edition: Let Me Feed You”

Book Club Tuesday : A Table in Venice

One of the reasons why I love cookbooks so much is because of the immense amount of vicarious-living they offer. While I have been to Venice, Italy before it is Skye McAlpine’s gracious tour of her beloved home through some really delicious recipes that I could feel some of what she feels for Venice and experience a bit of its magic too. Part memoir, part cookbook Continue reading “Book Club Tuesday : A Table in Venice”

Book Club Tuesday: Salt Fat Acid Heat

As far as memorable meals go, there is one that happened about five years ago with my pal Barbara at Chien Noir in Kingston (Ontario) that really sticks in my mind. While it could possibly be the company (my pal is a superb conversationalist), what I remember about the meal is the dessert. It was unlike anything I’d ever experienced! Simple ice cream but the cream had been infused with the flavour of butter popcorn. So incredible and completely unforgettable. The taste was bold, yet fleeting because I would savour spoonful after spoonful not quite believing until the bowl was empty. Even when our server explained the process the chef had used it still seemed like culinary magic! I would have never believed in a million years that Continue reading “Book Club Tuesday: Salt Fat Acid Heat”